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Come see us at the following shows


Takapuna Scouts Hall
13a Taharoto Road Takapuna
From 10am to 4pm – 21st & 22nd Saturday/Sunday
Devonport Lions Club Hall
8 Empire Road Devonport
From 10am to 4pm – 28th & 29th Saturday/Sunday


Burchell Pavillion
1 Gorst Ave Te Awamutu
From 10am to 4pm – 4th & 5th Saturday/Sunday
Claudelands Bowling Club
1 Kitchener Street Claudelands
From 10am to 4pm – 4th & 5th Saturday/Sunday
Ron Ladd Place, Morrinsville
From 10am to 4pm – 11th & 12th Saturday/Sunday
Pirongia Memorial Hall
997 Franklin Street Pirongia
From 10am to 4pm – 11th & 12th Saturday/Sunday
St Andrews Hall
85 Hamilton Road – Look for hall not the church!
From 10am to 4pm – 18th & 19th Saturday/Sunday
Te Kuiti Primary School
1 Rora Street Te Kuiti
From 10am to 4pm – 18th & 19th Saturday/Sunday
Matamata Primary School
115A Broadway Matamata
From 10am to 4pm – 25th & 26th Saturday/Sunday


Wanaka Show Grounds
From 8am to 4pm – 10th & 11th Friday/Saturday
South Island Agricultural Field Days
1191 Courtenay Road
Kirwee Canterbury
From 8am to 4pm – 29th to 31st Wednesday/Thursday/Friday

lisa - Teeter Hang Ups - Inversion NZ

Lisa Tamati
Ultramarathon runner.


Quotemark - Teeter Hang Ups - Inversion NZ

I have run over 65,000km or the equivalent of two and a half times around the circumference of the world and I am despite the injuries still going strong thanks in part at least to this wonderful apparatus.”


How Teeter Hang Ups – Inversion NZ Was Born

Read the Interview by Simon Cooper

Inversion New Zealand was started in 2007 by Dave and Nancy Hare, Dave had suffered over twenty years of back pain from Degenerated Discs and had basically given up and decided to just live with it. “To me surgery was never an option” he said “as long as I still could walk, there was hope”.

Dave tried everything; every time he was overseas he would search for anything that could possibly help. While on one of these overseas trips, Dave discovered the TEETER HANG UPS. “The first time I tried it, the pain disappeared and I was completely pain free for about 30 minutes, nothing had done that” he told me. Dave never believed it would fix him, “A specialist had told me it was irreversible”, he just knew he now had a place to go every time he wanted some relief.

To Dave’s surprise the more he used the table the longer the pain stayed away, until after nearly three months he was completely pain free, “I couldn’t believe it’ he told me “I had spent large amounts of money on every form of treatment available and here was something I had never heard of, sorting it out for me in a very short period of time” It was then Dave decided to introduce TEETER into New Zealand and Inversion NZ was born.

Over the years they have helped thousands of people get serious relief and have seen results in not only backs, but hips, knees, necks, posture, circulation, increased height, blood pressure and more. “We have testimonials from people with over fifty years of back problems and even have them in a number of schools in New Zealand for their special needs children” he told me, “the blood to the brain helps these kids and the results are excellent” What this means for the aging population is that it maintains the health of the brain as we all get older.

“We are the pioneers and specialists of Inversion Therapy in New Zealand” he told me “and have put programs together for various issues that these tables work exceptionally well for, these include a Foundation program, Neck and Shoulders program, Osteoarthritis program, Herniated discs program, High Blood Pressure program, Fused Discs program, a program for the Seniors and a Wellbeing Program”

“We are passionate about Teeter” he said, “they are the pioneers of the modern Inversion table and are without exception the best in so many ways. They are supremely comfortable, very strong and safe, beautifully balanced and very easy to use on your own.”

Dave told me that he realised that had he not tried the TEETER for himself he would still be suffering, “I would still be a miserable grumpy bugger, living with pain”, “that is why we travel New Zealand attending the shows, people need to try it for themselves”, “we let the tables do the talking” he told me.

One other thing he said, is they requested TEETER head office in Seattle to customize the EP950 for them, this modification was to the ankle clamping mechanism. It is from a professional model and is manufactured from Stainless Steel, is far easier to operate and amazingly comfortable. “This makes the EP950 Custom the best home use table in the world”

If you have completely resigned yourself to having Back Pain for the rest of your life, try a TEETER. The chances are you will be pleasantly surprised.


Introducing the world’s safest inversion tables

When you’re hanging upside down, the last thing you want to worry about is your safety.
That’s why Teeter Hang-Ups are built strong and safe to be used trouble free, year after year and why we can offer industry-leading warranties on all our inversion tables.

EP950 - Teeter Hang Ups - Inversion NZ

Teeter EP950 inversion table

Our biggest selling inversion table. Super comfortable and built tough.

$1200 incl. GSTview-more-btn

Teeter DFM

Our commercial grade motorized inversion table for the professional practise or surgery.

$3,845 USD plus freightview-more-btn

Gravity Boots

Used exclusively by the U.S Army fitness training schools, the Teeter Hang Ups EZ-Up Gravity Boots are safe, strong and comfortable. They offer an easily transportable diverse platform to perform an inverted workout… on holiday, at home or in the gym!

$198 incl. GSTview-more-btn



Learn how to treat health issues with our tables

Programmes available:

  • On how to start and get the best results for degenerative Discs and muscle issues
  • For Herniated or Prolapsed Discs causing Sciatica
  • For Fused Discs
  • For High Blood Pressure
  • For Osteoarthritis
  • For the neck and Shoulders
  • For Seniors
  • For using Inversion for Wellbeing